How to catch up on school work.

April 12, 2008

It is really disappointing when you become sick and end up missing school for 1,2, or maybe 3 days. Not so much the fact that you don’t have to do anything, but more with the fact that afterwards you have to catch up all 12-16 hours of class and lesson you have missed. Here are the top 5 tips to getting your homework finished and caught up.

1- When you notice you get sick. If you feel that you may be getting sick the day before you get sick, START. What i mean by this is get prepared by asking teachers what work you have to do within the next couple of days, and what assignments are going to be due. This can help allot, because when you come back it will be a little harder to get two days lessons out of teachers in an hour or so.

2- Use the Internet- You wouldn’t believe this but the Internet does help you with your school work. All you really have to do is Search the topic you are working on and you would be surprised what you might find. I coincidentally have found the answer key to a few of my assignments just by searching it on Google. Your School may also have a “How To” section on their website where they have live help, or tutoring. Teachers may also post assignments to the website for students to use when they are absent. Again i have found that using the Internet is sometimes easier to learn from than teachers. You never know, there might not be schools in the future. It just may be online. 🙂

3- Dedicate Time- It may be hard to do in some cases, but dedicating time out of your Sick Day to catch up on missed work is an excellent idea. Even one hour will make the difference. This is also a good idea because after you go back to school, teachers are probably going to dump the biggest load of homework on you, you have ever had. Plus if you wait, you will still have the homework you had to have completed before you became sick. Now thinking about that just makes me sick.

4-Make sure you know when tests and quizzes are coming up- This can be very important to you focusing on your work. Some teachers may not let you do a test another day when you come back to school. They may in-fact force you to write the test that very day. Try your very best to know about these tests as early as possible because most of the time they can be a very large portion of your mark.

5- Don’t take to much time off-. I’m not saying go to school when your sick, but don’t over do it. Some people end up taking an extra day off because they can. This can really effect what happens with your school. It will put you behind even more than you were expecting and really is very unnecessary. This can be especially bad when you are in high school, causing you to miss lessons, and getting a ship load of homework. So only take the time off that you need, not how much you want.

That’s it. Just thought i would come up with a quick top 5 list there. I hope that when your sick that you take into consideration your health, but don’t forget about your schooling and studies as well as they are both very important to living a healthy life style.

Bradley Bradwell




One Response to “How to catch up on school work.”

  1. Khaki Says:

    What’s worse is when you take a couple of days off of school/work, saying you are sick, but you aren’t really sick, and then the next week you get sick for real.

    I dunno though, you don’t really sound like the kind of guy who does that stuff… 🙂

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