How to make free phone calls online. How to call someone for free.

March 30, 2008

A program just came to my attention within the month, and they say that you can make free phone-calls unlike Skype right from your computer. The program is called Oovoo. I have recently started to really use it, and i must say that the sound quality is pretty good. Of course you are using the Internet which means that there will be a few slow spots here and there. It is pretty similar to what Skype used to be except Oovoo allows you to call anywhere in Canada or the Us for free. Unfortunately you have to pay for an incoming call service.

You are also able to call other people with Oovoo using your contacts list. All you have to do is add them by their user name and there you go. There are also other features included with oovoo including the ability to send and receive files, save phone numbers to an online phone-book, and you are able to video message people. Yes i said Video. The video call quality with Oovoo is very impressive, although once in a while you will get the dropped call. This is very rare though.

I really recommend using Oovoo for your online calling needs. It has worked very well with me, and I’ve used it almost everyday. To download Oovoo go to this website

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One Response to “How to make free phone calls online. How to call someone for free.”

  1. yves Says:

    that is a good idea but that it really works.if yes, prove me the issue.

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